Organisation of this Photo Gallery

You are on the main page of my Photo Gallery. Here you see one Featured Photograph which I will change from time to time.

The Gallery is subdivided into Collections which contain Photosets. The Collections split my work into main photographic categories of my interest. Each Photoset represents on unit of work. Across this structure are the Tags. You can find the Tags on photo pages. They interconnect photos through all Collections and Photosets.

As usual in on my site you have always the sidebar on the right. Here you can find the navigation to the next Photos, Photosets or Collections and get an idea where you are.


This Photo Gallery is powered by my flickr account. I embedded my photos in my own homepage to give you a better experience through a better layout and leaving away the unneeded clutter.

You will find a link called: View this photo on its flickr photo page. underneath every photo. If you have a flickr account, you can leave there a comment if you like.


On the Photoset pages I link to a flickr slideshow of that particular photoset. The slideshow does not open in a new window, but it leaves the layout of my pages and uses all the space in our browser window.

If you finished watching my photos in the slideshow, please use the Back Button of your browser to come back to my pages. The "Back to Alexander Kiel's ... set" link in the top left corner of the slideshow takes you to my flickr account. Don't use this link!