Portrait of Myself

Hi, my name is Alexander Kiel. I’m currently working at Terracon Energy as software developer and live in Leipzig, Germany. My hobby is photography.

What can you expect to read here? First hopefully some tutorials about photographic techniques, both capturing and post processing. Maybe some advice to choose the right gear. On the IT side I’m not sure what I should write and if I should do this at all. Perhaps it is wise to separate this two fields.


My mail address is ?. You can write in English or German. No HTML mail please.

For my German visitors

Sorry that I write in English. I do this for two reasons. First I think the language of the Internet is English. If you want to write something in the Internet, you meet more people doing it in English. Second (and this is important to me) I need more training in writing English. I’m not the best in foreign languages but it is important for my future to be able to communicate in English.

For my English speaking visitors

If I write totally crap do not hesitate to correct me. Simply place a comment under the post or contact me per mail.

Design of this Website

I designed my website myself. Under the hoods its powered by Wordpress, but the whole webdesign is done my me. That said I wrote my own Wordpress theme. More on this in a future post.